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Who is Dark Rook Music?

This music and writing team has over 30 years of experience writing songs. 
Working as a collective, the team has been actively involved with several artist over the years, but never received the recognition as one of the more prolific writing teams in the industry.

With material that spans subjects such as love, life, sex, and loss, the team has an extended archive of material waiting for the right artist to breathe new life in each piece. The group specializes in R&B, Neo-Soul, and Hip-Hop, but are not limited to or by any particular genre.

Have music? We can write your lyrics. 
Have lyrics? We can write your music. 
Or we can do both! 
No project is too small.

Dark Rook Music is always available to write new custom music for any artist, based on the direction of your project, or emotion that you would like to convey.

Contact us today!

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