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Our Story

Do It Our Way!

MTM was born in 1996 out of frustration with the ridiculous cost of production during the time.

Originally started in Indianapolis, IN, founders Rob Simonton and Dan Davis, found it difficult to locate viable facilities the team could use to create music without having to own several different types of recording media and be cost effective.

Every studio seemed to have a different requirement THEY (the studios) considered cutting edge - From multi-sized Tapes to ADAT, no one could decide on a single format; causing much of the teams materials to be scattered, depending on where they decided to work on production.

MTM pioneered the digital recording revolution in Indiana becoming the FIRST all digital studio, designed to have zero moving parts in its recording facility!

Given that hard drives were expensive at the time, with sizes limited to 2GB max, it was a challenge to record full projects within the infancy of the field. Pro-Tools didn't exist at this time!

The only thing the founders knew is WE ARE CUTTING EDGE!! MTM bled a lot just to prove the point!

MTM survived creating a workstation from (gasp) Windows 95 - lots of re-records here!

The investment was sizable for the time, but it was the last time the founders paid to have recorded material that could not be replayed without proprietary equipment that is no longer available today!

What does MTM mean?

My Tyme and Money, Inc. 

A statement within a statement.

A constant reminder of the time and money the founders wasted with shady underground studios in the bowels of Indianapolis and surrounding cities!

A reclamation of efforts and financial returns to allow music to be created without the burden of cost. 

Fast forward:

MTM has since created several fractions within itself - Mastering became one of the hottest marketable services offered within the structure. is born!

It's online presence established after the cleanup of the dotcom crash in 2001.

MTM also offered a recording facility to the general public in Indiana at affordable rates because hard drive prices began to fall and in-house CD media was soon available to allow artist to leave with a copy of the work they just recorded at our facilities! No one else could compete with our pricing or services provided to the general public at the time.

MTM's in-house producers and engineers worked tirelessly with so many great Hip-Hop, R & B, Rock, and Gospel artist, just in Indiana! When our sister company, 5One Media Group, came online in Austin, TX, local radio stations in the area were taken by storm with the sheer volume of material flowing from Austin artist, as well as Indiana artist.

MTM saw the first release of an album with it's imprint featured as a contributor to the records success!

This was the turning point for MTM and the decision was made to create it's own label!

And why not?

  • MTM has a team of song writers, musicians, and producers - check!

  • MTM has a team of engineers for pre and post production - check!

  • MTM has a research and development team to stay "cutting edge" as the times changed - check!

MTM Mastering & Entertainment is born! Checkmate... but the game is not over!

The saga continues as more entertainment structures are created within the organization to manage operations like: Social Media, Music Distribution, and Video Production.

MTM plans to continue expanding its capabilities after relocating its base of operations to the city of Las Vegas in 2015!

The future is not set....

Watch what happens next!!!

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